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Funny Food-Inspired Last Minute Costumes

These tasty sounding costume ideas are hilariously punny and will ellicit a few laughs from friends and neighbors.

Whether you want to be ever-so-festive at work, have a party to attend or just want to bring a little fun into your day, dressing up for Halloween isn’t just for kids nowadays. In addition to several things to do near your apartment community in Plainfield, why not dress up to celebrate the holiday? 

These easy costume ideas are perfect for a relaxing evening on the couch watching The Nightmare Before Christmas or a festive party with friends. So, gear up for some digging in the closet or low-key crafting and add a little flair to Halloween this year! 

Pumpkin Pi

Throw on an orange colored shirt or sweater and use safety pins to secure π symbol on the front and BAM, Pumpkin Pi. Bonus points if you take the time to write out pi to several decimals for a more math-oriented approach. You can even drive the idea home by sipping a pumpkin spice latte all day. This costume is perfect for math teachers, or those that work in mathematical leaning occupations – or pi enthusiasts. 

Deviled Egg

This costume takes a little more effort than the last, but the laughs will be worth the effort. Attach a circle of yellow felt to a white t-shirt or sweatshirt, grab yourself some devil accessories (think pointy ears, pitchfork and tail) and you’re all set! If you really want to impress your friends, stuff the felt with batting and casually mention that the art of stuffing something to produce a raised surface on a normally flat object is called “trapunto”. 

Pig in a Blanket

Not only is this costume easy to assemble, but it is also extraordinarily functional. Obtain a pig nose and some floppy ears and grab your coziest blanket and there you have it: a pig in a blanket! This nod to a delicious appetizer also bundles you up against the cold October air. 

Sugar Daddy/Momma

This costume requires no work and offers a handy place to store your possessions. Load up a baby carrier with a bag of sugar, and you’re good to go. You can take this costume to the next level with sunglasses, inspired by The Hangover.

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